As lovely as birdsong may be to some individuals and as restful as some people may find it, sitting on their porch swing, watching robins peck for worms, or hummingbirds gather nectar, not all property owners feel welcoming towards all their avian neighbors. These individuals need bird control companies to help them exercise some effectual bird control.

There may be excellent reasons for this. Farmers, for example, do not want birds eating their crops. The same might be said for those with vegetable gardens. Meanwhile, other homeowners would prefer birds to simply not roost on their grounds, because they find the nests unruly and unsightly, or they don’t enjoy the noise factor. In point of fact, birds can create hygiene issues of some significance, as their droppings have germs that can lead to an array of avian-spread diseases that are quite serious and potentially fatal to humans. And while the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 was instituted to protect birds migrating between the U.S. and Britain, it’s umbrella does not cover three types of birds that are considered to be specifically pests. These are pigeons, European starlings and house sparrows.

In any case, whether its a preponderance of pigeons and their attendant droppings which you are trying hard to avoid, or perhaps a flock of loud, honking geese you want to discourage from visiting your home, you need an effective deterrent. You want useful bird control tactics, buttressed by quality bird control products from reputable bird control companies.

First off, do not be swayed by ads that suggest frightening away bird nuisances with bright buoyant balloons designed to look like oversize predatory birds. Birds generally adapt to such static devices and after an initial wariness will simply go about their usual bird business. Noise-makers and light-flashers generally produce the same sort of limited effectiveness. High quality bird control companies eschew such devices for those that have a much higher batting average.

However, if you’ve already tried such useless bird control tactics, there’s little wonder what with numerous fruitless attempts to rid yourself of avian no-goodniks behind you, your frustration has mounted to the point where avicide may seem to be your last hope. But, consider the following. Shooting at the birds may disperse a big flock, but its unlikely to have the desirable long-term effect of keeping them away. Arguably cruel tactics like chemical poisons, glues and resins are not necessarily the best options either. Besides the fact that they cause flight problems and painful secondary poisoning, some areas have bans on chemical deterrents for birds. In any case, these choices are often cruel and messy and do not simply remove the problem. Often your first, best step, even before purchasing barrier agents and physical deterrents, is to utilize the same sort of common-sense steps you would to dissuade any other sort of vermin from trespassing on your property.

Keep garbage areas neat. Keep your trash cans tightly covered. Eliminate standing water, including rainwater in gutters. Don’t leave out food for the birds to find. Be cautious about providing feeders for the birds you do wish to attract. Keep greenery pruned and away from those structures that birds might find appealing. Once you’ve initiated these common-sense steps, consider adding the following physical barriers. Cover crops with netting. You might also consider planting a crop for the birds to enjoy. Make sure that it is at some distance from your human-intended crops.

Place strands of closely positioned wires across the preferred perching spots of the birds you wish to discourage. Again, you might consider offering an alternate rest spot for the birds, at some distance from the area you wish to protect. Some also recommend spikes be placed on ledges that are favored by nuisance birds. These can work. But, be advised they might also impale the birds.

Another alternative tactic, shock devices can be effective, as they repel the birds without causing permanent damage. The Humane Society of the United States actually gives the thumbs up to low-current generating bird deterrents, as well as bird netting and bird wiring, all of which are available at many brick and mortar establishments and online stores. Some high quality companies of bird control products to consider are “Bird Barrier America” and “Bird-X.”